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Ronald G. Havelock, Ph.D., ranks as one the true great authorities on the change process, having studied how it evolves (for better and for worse) in many different settings.  These include small business, education, government agencies, highway safety, medicine, agriculture, and international development.  In the design and content of this website, he is giving you the essentials of what he has learned over half a century of study across these many areas. His writings include Acceleration: The Forces Driving Human Progress, 2011,  "Guiding Change in Special Education" (with James Hamilton)  Corwin Press, 2004 The Change Agent's Guide to Innovation (with S. Zlotolow) 1995,  Solving Educational Problems: Innovation in Developing Countries (with A. M. Huberman),1978, and Training for Change Agents (with M. C. Havelock),


Steve Zlotolow, Ph.D. has been an educator for over 45 years.  He began his career as a participant in Teacher Corps, a federally funded program intended to improve teaching in inner-city public schools. Following this, he taught middle school for eight years in an “open school” environment.   Always interested in educational innovation, Steve attended The University of Oklahoma earning a Ph.D. in Educational Technology and Instructional Design.  This is where the study of “Change”, “Change Process” and “Change Management” were formally introduced to him.  In the 13 years that followed, Dr. Zlotolow worked as an Instructional Designer at Central Michigan University.  At CMU he designed, developed and consulted with faculty to integrate innovative technology mediated instruction.  He also taught "Computers in Education" in the College of Education.  During this time, Dr. Zlotolow worked with Ronald Havelock to co-author the 2nd edition of the Change Agent’s Guide.  Dr. Zlotolow was later hired by San Jose State University to design and develop the University’s eCampus.  Today there is a robust online learning environment at SJSU for students to learn, for faculty to teach and for departments to innovate new digital programs.


The Change Agent’s Guide is knowledge designed to illustrate the systematic “Process of “Change”, and how new ideas and innovations can be implemented and institutionalized in today's  business,  education, government and non-profit organizations.  It provides an understanding of the roles of Change Agents in the processes related to Change. 

Our Goal is to assist you in understanding that “process” whether through the website, email communications, consultations, seminars or workshops.

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